Don’t have too much work experience? Don’t worry! Here are 5 additional ways of beefing up your resume.

1.Ask to help small businesses for free

Pick up the phone and ask what areas they need help in. Explain you situation and I think one company will give you a shot. For example, if you have good knowledge in social media offer a small business to help them with their Facebook account.

2.Be a mentor

Graduating without a job is tough and frustrating. Think about students you can help and how you can guide them. They may appreciate your experience going through an institutional and just trying to find a job.

3.Learn social media, SEO and/or PPC

Even if your doing some completely different in a company or your specialization lies somewhere else this doesn’t give you the excuse not learn social media, SEO (search engine optimization, and PPC (pay per click.) There are a host of free learning tools online to help you learn social media (Facebook Blueprint), and PPC (bing Ads) and Hubspot Academy (Inbound marketing.) The great thing about the aforementioned learning tools is that they come with a nifty certificate when you have passed the final exams!

4.Build an online business

This seems tough, but anyone can do it. As you are looking for a job it’s a great idea to build an online business. Think about what education you have or what interests you. Then easily create a site with a personalized email, logo, and even some business cards. All in all, it will cost less than $200 to get started. The final aspect is registering your business. Find out the right place to contact about the process in your area. Seek out an expert who has set up a small business before and quickly fill out the paperwork! And be sure to find out more tips on creating an online business via the internet.

5.Creating a photo portfolio

Go out and a buy a camera, take some courses and practice. Although not all of us can be great photographers, having this skill in your back pocket is great. It can double as a hobby and even a paying gig not to mention about this skill you can add to your resume.

More ways to build your resume… Just use your imagination!

Additionally, there are so many ways you can use your new skills at: events, sharing on social media including Instagram and Pinterest, teaching others how to photograph, and even setting up photo shows!

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