Online courses can provide you with both fresh skillsets/knowledge and an amazing resume addition. Here are 5 more general online courses you can take:

1. Sales Consultation/Techniques

Even if you aren’t in sales taking a course related to it can build your interpersonal and negotiation skills. It can help you in a host of different scenarios related to your career. From there, be sure to check out YouTube videos that build upon what you have learned in either play-acting videos or real-life scenarios.

2. Microsoft Suite

The Microsoft Suite which comprises of Word and Excel among other applicatons is a powerful and much-used package that many businesses rely on. If you have a certificate in Excel and demonstrated a command of it–it might help land you a job! Check out the Microsoft website to look at certificate courses they may offer.

3. Website Design

One of the most in-demand professions today is web-designing. There are so many applications for a web designer that niches are popping up everywhere you search on the internet! If you have both a creative and logical mind try taking an online course in web design.

4. Photo-Editing

Using Photoshop is a much needed skillset in many organizations. Some companies rather get an in-house designer then a free-lance to touch-up photos, create campaigns and design marketing material. Get a few courses under your belt. You might find yourself pulling some more money at your company as a part-time designer. Check out Adobe’s website and find out if they offer courses on such programs as Illustrator and Photoshop.


Although photography can be a very expensive hobby, it can pay dividents if you are good and market it yourself well. However, taking an online course can give you a solid understanding of how to better utilize your camera and giving you some leverage as an artistic photographer or one focused on the commercial aspect. Being a decent photographer can give you a chance to have a side business or simply give you content by sharing it on your website or social media. Taking an online course can also show your employer or potential employers you enjoy taking courses for fun as well as to build up your professional self.

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