Continually upgrading your resume should be a priority. Even if it’s a basic skill set seeking out and taking courses online can go along way in helping your career. Paying for college courses is a great way to do this, but if you are short on time and lack the budget, there are a multitude of great online course sites that offer amazing courses that are free (and inexpensive pay online sites) like Udemy, Concoursa, and Lynda, are among the most well-known.

Try to find courses that offer a certificate, however, even taking ones without one still shows your employer and future employers your desire to constantly learn and better yourself. These 5 general courses are a few that are always in demand.

1. Business consultation

Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur or business savvy taking a certificate course in business consultation is a great resume upgrader. Aside that aspect, having this course in your repertoire gives you the proper tools and skillset to consult with decision-makers in companies. You can also apply these skills to other aspects of your job. If you’re good at it you can also definitely either build a side business or even a stand-alone consulting business helping local companies plan and achieve their aims.

2. Business writing

Regardless of your role in a company: entry-level or managerial position having a course related to business writing is a boon to you. Some things you will learn in a business writing course include: writing etiquette, emails, writing a proper memo, writing a resume and preparing referral letters.

3. General Marketing

Marketing might not be your strong-point, but acquiring a certificate can give you the edge over other candidates. Learning and applying the course principles of marketing can give you a further appreciation of branding, positioning and getting products or services to the right demographics.

4. Social Media

Social media is so pervasive these days it is hard to find anyone without a social media account on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. By taking a foundations social media online course or intermediate course it will give you a better understanding of unlocking the power of social media. If you work at a small or medium-sized business this course might come in handy because they might not have a social media/marketing department and that’s where you come in! Facebook offers an amazing certificate course to learn more about working with their product called Blueprint.

5. Specialized courses

Taking the above general courses will add many new skills to your arsenal and help you shape your resume into one that companies will take a second look at. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t persue speciality courses in your career field. In fact, doing this reflects your commitment to continual learning and getting better at your specialty.

Image: Lumen Brite

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