Having a strong online presence is very important these days especially if you want get the edge in the job market. Companies are always on the hunt for employees that can handle themselves around the internet. That being said, we sometimes find our digital fingerprint a little disorganized.

The typical reasons: we aren’t interested in a certain social media platform or we simply don’t care about being too professional when it comes to ourselves and the net. However, you must be aware of your presence on the internet because potential employers certainly keep an eye out before they hire you. Before going into panic mode, here are 5 easy ways to keep your online brand consistent:

1.Use at least 2 Social Media Platforms

Try using 2 social media sites consistently. Post things that aren’t offensive, however share a bit about who you are and your personality. You can certainly have fun with your accounts but any unfavourable images or text can come back to haunt you–avoid things by keeping clean on the net.

2.Use the same profile image

Keeping things consistent on social media is important. One of the first things to keep consistent is your profile image. Try using a good clear shot of yourself.

3.Delete any unused social media user accounts

If you have stopped using Twitter for a while for example, it’s best to simply delete the account. It keeps things tidy on your end; letting digital ghost accounts floating around in cyber space isn’t too professional!

4.Keep commentary at a minimum on Facebook groups

Even if the groups are closed, it’s best to keep commentary at a minimum. Even if you do comment, don’t swear or be rude. Even if others who are part of the group can’t see comments others can most certainly screen shot anything there. Simplest advice: always keep it kind and respectful.

5.Updated LinkedIn

Companies and prospective employers can easily access you on the net and LinkedIn is one of the social media sites they will definitely check out. Keep it organized and up-to-date. Have a professional profile image and make sure your LinkedIn and offline resume mirror each other.

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