Developing your own networking event can be an rewarding experience. If you put in the time and effort the right people will come. There are many models that you can try–here are 5 you can apply:

1. Pure Networking

Putting together this type of networking event goes straight to the meat! Professionals meeting other professionals without anything else getting in the way.

2. Panel Discussion

Adding this component gives your event some depth. Getting experts and professionals discuss their experiences is an amazing way to add a different aspect to your networking event.

3. Featured Guest Speaker

Getting one featured guest speaker can pull a lot of people in–this expert or specialist can attract a certain crowd.

4. Workshop

Workshops are interaction and provide professionals with an opportunity to learn and engage. Find out what prospective guests want to learn–gives you a better idea what to focus on!

5. Combination Event

You can choose a combination of the above event ideas in order to really make your mark. Have some fun and explore what works and doesn’t. Running a successful networking event isn’t an over-night thing. It takes time to perfect an event that people will continually come out to.

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