When we are doing something that we loved it’s an amazing feeling! Whether its working at a great company or being an entrepreneur, it’s always wise to continue to invest in your career. Here are 5 ways that you can invest in your career:

1. Education.

Expanding your knowledge is an amazing thing that you can do in your career. Even if you have degrees and certificates, think about other educational programs that can take your career to another level. Education is one of the easiest things you can do to strengthen your skills, knowledge and reaffirm your career path.

2. Teaching.

Sharing your knowledge with others can add another amazing dimension to your career. If you have been doing something for a while and you are good at it–why not share your knowledge in a classroom setting?

3. Mentorship.

This has been talked about a lot through this blog. Mentoring is one of the best things any professional can do for his or her community. Like teaching you are sharing invalubale information, experience and knowledge to others (in this case a mentoree) and given them the opportunity to use that in their own lives and careers.

4. Community Leader.

This is a combination of many elements from above. Being a community leader is something that you might not think that adds to your career, but it does! You bring your passion and experience to the table–creating events, bringing people together, and building the community!

Image: Geralt

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