Contrary to popular belief–the job search isn’t simply about trying to get a job, it’s about discovering who you are and finding where you fit in in the work force. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a experienced specialist seeking a career transition, we all need to look at the job search a bit differently to make our career adjustments beneficial. Here are 4 tips to getting the most out of your job search

1. Look at each day as an Adventure

Don’t look at your job search as simply a search for a job–that’s boring–look at it as an adventure! Where you will meet new people, learn new things and grow as a human being. This adventure makes you confront some of the areas od opportunity for you, as well as a chance to build upon your skills.

2. Unlock Opportunities

When you keep an open mind you start to discover that there opportunities abound. It’s about digging deeper, being creativity and perhaps doing things you didn’t do before. Write down local places you want to go and discover them. Get to know the employees and the managers of these place–ask them questions and learn about them. Make a list of 20 places you can find to build and make potential contacts.

3. Treat your job search…like a job

Although you can have fun during your job search, you must still look at it as full time work. That means having a schedule planned for the day and week. Compare it with your career specialist. As you get in the swing of things, it will get much easier especially

4. Get out of your comfort zone

This is tough to do, but try getting out of your comfort zone. You will discover things about yourself and in the proceas build more experience tailoring to each job.

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