If you are looking to bolster your resume here a few ways you can do so quickly and easily.


This may be an overlooked experience to put on your resume. However, it can truly be an invaluable one because it showcases your ability to connect and help others. Companies and organizations are always looking for candidates with strong skills in nurturing and building up others.

2.Volunteer experience

This type is vital to show that you are giving back to the community. Like your job history experience you usually expand on what you have accomplished in your roles. Same thing applies for any volunteer positions. Expand on these experiences and explain why they have been important to your career development.

3.Expanding on Job projects

Just writing down one line about a major job-related project doesn’t do justice to what you accomplished. Add further details and quantifiable data to back up the success of the project.

4.Expanding on school-related work

This particular experience might fly under the radar but it might be a huge resume-booster. Detail the connections you made, what you have learned and if that project has any real-world applications.

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