As a job seeker finding and utilizing every and any online tool is an absolute must. Equally, you must be creative in adapting to job search situations whether it be your local job market or your particular job situation. However, living in this day-and-age the internet is a helpful tool to finding job opportunities. Here are several online tools to help you find a job:

1. Blogging

Blogging? Yes, like writing a blog! This is a great way of helping you get a job because potential hiring managers can see your quality of work online. It is an instant portfolio at your finger tips. As well, you can use your blog as a great way to reach other writers nationally and locally and to quickly build your network.

2. Facebook Messenger

Many of us use this every day to chat and communicate with friends and family. How about using it as a job search tool? Use it to share the fact you are looking for a job within your Facebook contacts!

3. Facebook Groups

Connect to as many local job Facebook Groups that you can! Reach out to recruiters and staffing agencies and find out more about jobs that are being advertised in these groups. Also, reach out to other group members and try to build a tight support community within the FB group to help each other during the course of the job search.

4. Email Contact List

After years of having an email account you have perhaps built up a strong email contact list. Try going through it and send out messages to contacts that you believe can help you find a job. Remember if you’re asking for something always offer something in return for their time, expertise or general help.

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