A majority of jobs these days require a decent level of communication skills which includes writing. At many jobs you don’t have to write reports or memos, yet writing can help you elevate your opportunities in the work place. Writing better also means writing a better resume and coverletter and increasing your chances of landing quality interviews! How do you get better at writing? Here are 4 tips you can apply and see immediate results.

1.Read Daily

It really doesn’t matter what you read as long as it’s published! If you read a book or magazine chances are it has been reviewed and edited which means cutting down on reading online forums for learning how to write effectively. If you tend to stick to one author or a subject that’s fine, but diversifying your reading material can help expand your vocabulary and expose you to different writing styles.

2.Keep a Journal

This has been already written about throughout this blog: keeping personal or career journals. However, if you keep a journal, write poems or stories–they all are essential to allowing you to write and express yourself.

3.Imitate a Style

Sometimes we love a writer’s style so much we try to imitate him or her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! In fact, that’s a healthy thing to do. If you really like Stephen King for example, you can try to mimic him. Doing this will help you eventually find your own voice and style.

4.Get the Elements of Style

This is perhaps one of the most important books on grammar, syntex and style published on the English language. It is an invaluable book that you can put to use immediately and see instant results. This book should definitely be on your bookselve.

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