Learning more about your employer is a great way to build key relationships, expanding your industry knowledge and learning about your company’s corporate culture. Here are 4 ways simple ways to do that:


Make an effort to attend company events or volunteer for causes that your company supports. It gives you a chance to connect with many levels of your company including executives. It also allows you to learn more about your company by finding out the reason behind the creation of these events and charity sponsorships.

2.Corporate Blog

Does your company have a blog attached to their corporate site? If they do, find out if you can write a blog entry. Even if there is someone who is hired in that role, it never hurts to offer. Also, if your company does not have an active blog volunteer to contribute to it. By doing this–it gives you a chance to learn more about your company’s history and corporate culture by interviewing employees/executives and writing stories that expand your knowledge. It is also an amazing opportunity to build your portfolio!


Your company may have an internal newsletter. Offer to write an article perhaps about your team or something that has happened at your company. Like the blog–it gives you an opportunity to reach out to other team members and learn more about what’a going on with your company.


If you have a moment see if you can connect with Human Resources and ask them if they have some modules or training that can help you better understand the company. In many instances there is great opportunity in acquiring resources to increase your knowledge.

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