Having a healthy mix of a degree, diploma and/or certificate courses can certainly help your career progress especially with heavy competition in the job market. However, have you ever considered taking online courses to augment your present knowledge and skill sets? If you haven’t there are several respected online course sites that offer an amazing array of courses that you can benefit from–you can even receive a certificate in some courses after taking the required exams and completing projects. Here are 4 reasons you should take online courses:

1.Learn something new

Even if you don’t get a certificate out of it, taking an online course opens your mind to different knowledge. Check out what you would like to find out more about–maybe a computer language or something like accounting. It might even be an extension of a hobby you have.

2.Created by professionals

An amazing thing about some of these courses are that they are created by either seasoned professionals or educators. Obviously not all of them are so you have to do your due diligence and find out. Also, with these online courses you can reach out to the instructors and ask them questions and build a professional connection with them!

3.Great on the resume

Along with other education, having a certificate course on your resume is a great way to showcase your updated training. You are basically telling your current employer or perspective employers that you are serious about updating your skills even if that means doing that on your free time.

4.Offers a certificate

Some online courses don’t come with a certificate, but find out the ones that do. They are a typically a bit more comprehensive and require payment to take the course. Although there is a fee–it might be worth it because of the certificate. Another interesting thing to note is sometimes the site offers you a link as well as a certificate number attached to the certificate when you have passed the course successfully.

Image: Mohamed Hassan

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