There are many solid ways to help grow your small business. As an entrepreneur it is imperative to look for ways to expand. Here are 4 ways to help you grow your business:


Whether they be at local or national level, grants are a great way to help you hire staff or promote your business! Actually, you might be surprised but there are many amazing grants out there. Be sure to find a grant (or several) that can help your business. Think about hiring an experienced grant writer; they might take a percentage of the grant funds but it’s all worth it.


Be a mentor to local young professionals! In turn, they can be a boon to the community and even to your business. It’s all about sharing your knowledge and experience to further the development of your community.

Offering services for Free

This doesn’t mean offering your valuable services for free all the time but at certain times within certain perimeters. For example, if you are a marketing services you can offer free consulting for start-up business through the local non-profit business resource centre.

Partnering with other Businesses

Are there any local businesses that you know that can benefit feom


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