Career Resource centres (that is one of names they go by, but the name may be different in your area) are good places to go when starting your job search. They offer a variety of different resources when it comes to job search and career development. They have books, workshops, job search tools, consultants and many other resources to get things started for your job search. Here 5 areas where career resource centres can help you:

Specialized career/job consultants

Booking some time with a consultant can give you a leg up on your job search or career path. They can offer a multitude of advice and tips from writing resumes to preparing for a job interview to thinking critically about your career. Ultimately it is up to you to build on these meetings and apply what you have come away with!


These workshops often deal with an assortment of topics like tapping the hidden job market to resume/coverletter critique. It will typically be led by a career/job professional and offers great ways to get better in your job search. Be sure to bring writing supplies; take notes and try to connect with other job seekers there if you have a chance.

Specializes online Resources

Resource centres typically offer some great programs and tools to help you in your job search. Sometimes these specific tools can only be accessed at the centre and you need to sign up for them. One such program is Career Cruising–its a great resource when you are planning out your career and need some guidance. Career Cruising can sometimes be accessed through your local library so ask your librarian about it.

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