Being a pro at networking requires doing! Discover your potential by attending as many and all events that you can. Any social situation can be a chance to network–so put your best foot forward and get cracking! Here are 3 more tips to becoming a networking pro:


Have you considered putting together your own website? It’s a simple, yet effective way to showcase your peofessuonal while separating yourself from other candidates. You can easily design your own site (many drag and drop option sites) or simply hire a professional designer. If you are a designer or photography creating an online portfolio/website is important.

2.Dressed for Success

Always wear the proper attire for the event you are attend. This is probably one of easiest things to do to engage with your key demo.

3.Create Your Own Event

When other zig…you zag! Definitely keep on attending events and network, but consider creating your own. Imagine the contacts you’ll make; the experience organizing an actual event and the value you will add to your community.

Image: The Digital Artist

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