Companies have always craved experience and that is often difficult to fufil if you are a recent graduate and new in the workforce. So how to you turbo-charge your experience section on your resume quickly?

One of the best things to do is to go out to a few non-profits and local businesses and ask them if you can run their social media/online marketing efforts. They are sometimes strapped on cash and time when it comes to their marketing. You are now the solution.

Be ready for rejection and if you do get a gig the pay may be terrible or even non-existent. Regardless, online marketing/social media is needed so acquiring this type of skillsets and experience only enchances your resume. Here are 3 quick ways to build your online experience:


Facebook is perhaps the greatest marketing tool any business has at their disposal. It’s easy to use and easy to set up. The tricky issue is keeping it up-to-date with great content. And this is where you come in! By maintaining a local businesses’ Facebook page you will be learning how to create content by writing, photographing and curating existing content. You will also learn a lot about that business.

After a while, you will build your arsenal with 3rd apps that can help your marketing efforts as well as gaining a deeper understand of what your audience wants. Additionally, you are getting a crash course in marketing 101 by actually doing it hands on. Keep a journal of your methods, apps that you find helpful and books/websites/blogs that you are gleaning knowledge from.

2.Google My Business

This is an underrated online marketing tool that many companies either misuse or simply don’t know about. Helping put a non-profits’ goals front and center on Google My Business will get more people to join their cause; as for small local business tapping into the power of GMB will help gain new fans while keeping local ones up-to-date.

Similar to Facebook, giving the option to organizations that you can help bring them more business through GMB will be welcomed! You simply need to maintain reviews, photos lots of great and interesting pictures and encourage customer feedback. Any Google product you master is another feather in your cap.

3.Website Content

We have all seen it before: business sites that have no new content; who has time to write anything for the site anyway? But that ageing static site can be so much more! And this is where you save the day. Position the site as a online sales person.

By writing new blog entries it keeps the site fresh especially if the content is timely and helpful: it is then ‘selling’ products or services through content. Share the content on Facebook and GMB and encourage interaction!

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