When you are launching your job search you are essentially putting yourself into the job market with your ‘brand.’ If you take a crash course in marketing 101 (check out YouTube for some great tutorials) you will find that your job search a little like marketing a brand in the market place! Although only 3 marketing tactics are shown here, try checking out what other marketing techniques you can apply to your job search!

Think of yourself as a Brand

Think of yourself as a brand in regards to any and everything you do during your job search. It’s a good idea to write down 3 public personalities and 3 brands that you like. List the things you like about all of them. This will give you a good start to what a great brand is. Now quickly jot down what your ‘brand’ can bring to the table. List accomplishments and experiences and what value you can bring to any company or organization you may join. Now that you have all this information, condense it into a short 1 or 2 sentence–‘executive brand summary;’ work on this until you get it right.

Ask people who know you well to help you fashion it. When done this will be your go-to when prospective employees ask you about yourself in a short summary! Remember you are a brand like Tony Robbins or a Mercedes Benz. You must reflect total and ultimate value for your audience/end user!

Position yourself properly

Building upon your brand you need to position yourself in the market place. What separates yourself from your competition/job seekers? Think about why would a company hire you? Does your brand fit and strengthen their brand? Position yourself as a brand that offers rich experience and a history of getting things done.

What’s your Niche?

Now that you have positioned your brand correctly it is time to truly find your niche. Sometimes the niche can help you secure a job or it may lead you to an epiphany: you may find yourself on the cusp of creating a new business!

Regardless, at the end of the day it’s about finding what you love to do and a focus on your career development.

Read Bibliographies of great ‘Brands’

Lastly, if you have a chance read about provocative and interesting people that have shaped our world! If you don’t like slogging through many books, read short biographies of these people on Wikipedia. It will give you a glimpse on what made these people into the ‘brands’ they are today.

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