While you hunt for a job, it’s a good idea to keep things rolling in regards to your speciality. These days it’s extremely easy to post an ad up advertizing your freelance business. Do you do landscaping? Do photography? Write? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to post. Now where do you advertise? If you don’t have too much funds here are 3 places you can advertize your services online.


This site is a powerful tool to place an ad for your services. Although they give you options to bump your advertisement (for a fee of course), the free ad listing is a good start. There are disadvantages to using the free option like your listing gets bump down fast (depending on the category) it’s still an outstanding tool to use. Be sure to explain your services in detail and add photos.

2. Fivrr

Some of most popular sections relate to graphic design and writing. However, there are many services offered. Set-up is quick and easy. You can create several ‘gigs’ in order to get prospective clients looking at what you offer. It is free, however Fivrr takes a certain percentage (which is fair.)

3. Facebook.

This is perhaps the best tool especially if you are posting a gig ad in a local region. Writing a quick gig ad is easy and you can share on your profile page as well as other relevant pages. You can also boost your ad inexpensively that hits specific regions and a certain demographic.

Image: StockSnap

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