Starting Your Own Niche Workshops (Pt. 1)

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Do you specialize in something? Do you enjoy teaching people new things? Maybe putting together a local workshop maybe a project you should consider!

Creating and organizing a workship isn’t that difficult. But the question is: where to start?

First off, decide what topic you want to discuss. Try and focus on a subject that people want to know more about (and of course a subject you know well.)

Secondly, find a venue. When starting out the easiest setting might be a bar or restaurant. As you progress, you might consider a more professional space.

Thirdly, create a Facebook page and group. Start inviting people and promote it as much as you can. Don’t worry about packing the place! Focus on building your event brand by investing on workshop material. As people discover the value of your event more people will come!

Image: Pedro Goncalves Jardim

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