Utilizing Networking Events in Your Job Search (Pt. 1)

Attending networking events should definitely be a part of your job search strategy. Why? Because you will meet people that can help you get a job! However, before plunging yourself into these events you must do a number of things.

First of all, you must come up with a plan. You obviously know why you are attending these events. Now you have to think about what value you will bring to do these events. Simply going and asking for a job isn’t going to cut it. You have to think about your own connections, your experience and what you can bring to the table! Review past projects and key career high-lights.

You also must think about the most professional way of approaching your presentation of your job search to others. Communicate the fact you are looking to build on your career rather than looking for a job. Others will respond more positively to this approach–try it out!

However, you also need to realize you have to be dedicated to finding a good career opportunity–you have to be genuine–if not, professionals will not consider you as a person they want to help.

So that being said look at other opportunities to network like job fairs and conferences. Be ready with a digital resume (ready to send your resume via email), a business card with an elevator pitch/ relevant career details and a portfolio of any work and project information.

Always be alert for opportunities even if they don’t align 100% to what you want. And always find out how YOU can help others rather then how they can help you!

Image: Geralt

Published by Brian Trota

Brian Trota was born and raised in Toronto. He is a certified Career Coach with a specialization in network growth and job search planning. He's also a published author with a special interest in career development. He founded Your Dynamic Career in 2018 with the desire to help people find a better job and create better career paths. He is currently completing his first ebook. He is based in Brantford. You can contact him directly at: YourDynamicCareer@gmail.com

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