Preparing Yourself for the Job You Really Want

Sometimes our idealism and optimism can cloud our vision when it comes to our career development. Despite limited experience or training we put ourselves through the wringer applying to jobs we will never get. We feel that sometimes we have a shot or that the employer will see something unique on our resume. The reality is–if you don’t have the experience or the chops there is no in point applying. It is a waste of time that will only deplete your confidence.

Getting started

You need to focus on the job you want. If you don’t have the skills, experience or education that’s fine; however, you need to be honest with yourself–do you really want that job? If you said Yes that is a great start. Now, the next question is: are you willing to do what it takes to get that job? If you said Yes then it is go time!

Develop a game plan

How do you get the job that you really want? Easy. Research. Look around. Ask questions. Do your homework. It will take time and effort but at the end of the day you will have a great foundation to get your career going. One of the easiest and most important things you need to do is talk to people especially those in your field and the job you are targeting.

Might take longer than you think

The reality is if you want something badly you need to work very hard for it. That goes for anything in life including your career. If you are focusing on a particular job you want you need to meticulously break it down and find out everything you need to know about it. But remember it might not be something you can get quickly. It might take you years to finally get to that role.

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Published by Brian Trota

Brian Trota was born and raised in Toronto. He is a certified Career Coach with a specialization in network growth and job search planning. He's also a published author with a special interest in career development. He founded Your Dynamic Career in 2018 with the desire to help people find a better job and create better career paths. He is currently completing his first ebook. He is based in Brantford. You can contact him directly at:

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