How to Create Your Own Career ‘Breaks’

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Chances are if you are waiting on people or luck to help you along on your career journey you not end up being too successful. There are many people, however that are essential in your career development and that includes even bad managers!

Regardless, it is your responsibility to create your own breaks in order to fully realize your career potential. But that doesn’t mean people won’t help out or give you a push along–though finding and surrounding yourself with these types of beneficial professionals is–most of the time–up to you. It is also up to you to build your professional relationships with those you happen to meet on-the-job, at general events, or during networking events.

Creating your own ‘breaks’ requires you to be vigilant at all times–sometimes an opportunity comes along that goes under the radar. You need to assess those professionals around you, your current job and other jobs. You have to be a relentless networker and be ready to carefully assess any opportunity that comes your way. Any and all opportunities no matter how insignificant or small can lead to a major break that you needed in your career development.

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