How to Super Charge Your Job Search

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Whether you are starting your job search or are right in the middle of it, getting a much needed spark is sometimes needed to get it running along. Being a full time job searcher can no doubt be a stressful affair but it can benefit tremendously by having a lot of support, some lucky breaks and a whole lot of hustle.

Some things to consider: meeting people…lots of people within your direct community or even outside your town or city. Getting to know lots of people gives you an awesome chance to finding and landing a job. Try to meet them in person and try going to as many functions as possible. Especially if you have a good attitude it can certainly help you find something you like too.

Another great thing to do is network online. Reach out through social media or email companies. The name of the game is hustling and finding opportunities even when they might be hiding (the hidden job market.)

Image: Raw Pexel

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