How to Find Your Niche on Social Media (and Develop your Brand)

It doesn’t take long to explore social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to find out where you can fit in. There are a lot of opportunities to find your niche and to grow your skills and career via social media.

Lets take Instagram for example. In the last few years this smartphone-first social media platform has taken off with many in the photography industry. It is easy to snap an image and immediately post it up! Many successful photographers from around the world have successfully found their niches by examining a few key things: demographics and if other similar artists are there.

Identifying your niche is very important in regards to helping you focus and get good at something. Social media is an incredibly important tool to really honing in on your niche!

Try creating engaging posts, thoughtful messages that strike a cord with your followers. It’s about discovery and the simple art of building brand loyalty with consistency, passion and candor.

Image: Geralt

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