4 tips to Creating a Mobile-Ready Resume

A generic/mobile-ready resume isn’t the most ideal type resume to hand out, however, it does come in handy when someone requests one from you on the spot!

Typically crafting a job-posting specific resume is ideal. Why? It hits specific keywords and revolves about a specific company and role. Saying that having a generic resume that hits industry-specific keywords and applies your experience and skills to a specific role (ie. A general outside sales position) can equally be helpful to have around to immediately send. So how do you go about creating a generic resume? Here are 5 tips:

1.Industry-specific keywords

Even if it’s a generic resume, you need keywords that are related to your industry. Take a few top companies in the field and analyze keywords throughout their websites. Take the top 10 to 15 words and integrate into your resume/coverletter.

2.Highlight key project on coverletter

Even if you have a lot of experience in a certain role, it’s always a great idea to highlight a key project or two that you spearheaded or excelled in. Expand on it and explain how you can bring that type of skill set and unique approach to the company you are applying to. Make sure you bullet point main points of the project in the cover letter. It will instantly draw in the Human Resource rep or Hiring Manager!

3.Research various job postings

Along with review several companies that stand out in your chosen field, research some job postings. Take keywords from them and integrate them into your resume. For example if you are applying for outside sales rep position you may want to find keywords like ‘sales targets’ or ‘sales quotes’ and focus on action words like ‘excelling’ ‘independent’ ‘entrepreneur’ etc.

4.Keep a .pdf and .docx on mobile

One of the major reasons you need a generic resume is to keep the files on your mobile to easily send when you are on the go! You never know who you will meet at network meetings, events or simply running errands. When you meet someone that has strong connects, is a hiring manager or owner you can simply email them your coverletter/resume. Even if it isn’t personalized, you are top of mind with that person by just meeting them at that moment. Having both .docx and .pdf files saved on your mobile is ideal.

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Published by Brian Trota

Brian Trota was born and raised in Toronto. He is a certified Career Coach with a specialization in network growth and job search planning. He's also a published author with a special interest in career development. He founded Your Dynamic Career in 2018 with the desire to help people find a better job and create better career paths. He is currently completing his first ebook. He is based in Brantford. You can contact him directly at: YourDynamicCareer@gmail.com

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