How to Find a Job in Your Local Area (Pt. 1)

Finding a job requires a plan. You need to choose the proper tools while thoroughly understanding the area you are planning to conduct your job search in. Finding a job can be very tough; it can also be an extremely fruitful endeavour–if approached in a methodical manner–for long term career success.

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4 Tips to Writing a Better Resume

Writing a resume can sometimes be quite the task. Although you know better than anyone else what your experience is and accomplishments are–you still might find the task daunting especially when you are on a tight deadline in looking for a job. Here are some tips you can use when writing your resume.

1.A strong professional summary

Think of it as a strong mini intro to your resume. Be sure to keep it to 2 or 3 sentences and encompasses your professional career in a burst.

2.Using the Role Overview/Accomplishment dynamic

When writing your resume try using this dynamic! Describe your role and your responsibilities followed by what you have accomplished–use these headings. This will give a clean look and draw the hiring manager to key info on your resume.

3.Short & punchy lines

You don’t have too much room on your resume so use your space wisely. Don’t use long, winding sentences. Try short and punchy lines that get to your results and accomplishments quickly.

4.Keeping it at 2 pages

Your resume shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages (unless you are an academic, doctor or lawyer.) Use a neat and simple format as well that utilizes your information within the 2 pages.

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What Is Your Formula for Career Success? (Pt.2)

You might not think about your formula for success–but it can be invaluable to share it with others. Whether it be with a co-worker, a sibling or anyone that may be interested in being successful!

Your formula for success can be a useful tool in someone’s career. You can use it to perhaps formula a mentorship for someone interested in your profession or the career you have been dedicated to.

However any way you look at it–thinking about your career and how you have been successful can lead to a more vivid picture to creating more success. Getting a formula written down can also help on finding ways to improve-perhaps getting more training or education.

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What Is Your Formula for Career Success? (Pt.1)

We all have different paths when it comes to our careers. Some of us feel motivated to continually grow and develop through education and training, while others may feel satisfied with their current situation and don’t feel the need to grow too much. It is all up to what the individual feels is right for themselves. However, we also have different formulas for our individual successes.

Take a moment to think about your success in your career–do you have a formula that you have used to unlock your potential? If you really don’t have a conscience formula you use analyze your steps and try to find a pattern. What have you done to achieve your goals? Have you worked with others to help build your career? These are some questions you can ask yourself in order to determine your formula for career success

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Seizing Opportunities That Will Help You Grow Professionally (Pt.2)

Wherever you live or whatever your job is–you have amazing opportunities at your finger tips in order to grow professionally!

If you work for a company take a few moments to reach out to your direct supervisor and discuss with him/her what the company has to offer when it comes to training, educational assistance or even mentorship programs! You will be surprised the wealth of opportunities you have in order to grow within your company.

At the end of the day, companies typically want their employees to succeed for obvious reasons–but if you think about it there is a huge cost to rehire and retrain candidates. That’s why if you put forth the desire to help yourself in order to the help company you are truly positioning yourself for long-term success!

If you are a small business owner or free lance you also have some great opopportunities are you. Contact your local small business centre or any organization that can point you out to any interesting and helpful workshops, networking events or any other ways to help grow your career.

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Seizing Opportunities That Will Help You Grow Professionally (Pt.1)

There are many ways to thrive and develop as professional. You always need to focus on seizing any and all opportunities around you–that means connecting with your networking, building new connections, developing your knowledge base and keeping an ear to the ground when it comes to the economy and the labour market.

Google is one of the best resources at your finger tips to find out what your next move can be. As noted, talk to people and keep an open mind. You also can find opportunities in unlikely or unrelated places–it’s just the case of you growing and maintaining your network!

And remember to challenge yourself and unlock opportunities outside your comfort zone. Connect with people on the same wavelengths and find out how you can benefit from each others network, experience and skillsets. Be open. Have fun. And always be sure to seize opportunities (no matter how small) that can help you grow professionally.

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Why You Need To ‘Own’ Your Career

One of the key ways to develop your career is by analysing the careers of successful professionals in your niche. However, it is fundamental to ‘own’ your career in order to place your indelible mark on the world. Only you can do the things you can do and bring your unique brand to the table. By owning your roles and responsibilities you are discovering your potential to grow as a personal and as a professional.

Although you have many resources at your disposal to better yourself, you need to look within–what do you love about your job? What would you change about it (for the better?) What sdifference would you like to make in your role, during the course of your career and within your community? These are a sample of questions you can pose yourself in order to come up with a unique career path.

What the world ultimately needs is you doing what you do best rather than a copy of what society believes is true success. Break the mold. Formulate a path that you are comfortable with and never quit!

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The 1-Day Job Search Prep Strategy

Looking for a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences. But the experience can be a great one if you have a plan! Here is what you need to do for your 1-Day Job Search Prep Strategy:

1.Update and Polish your resume to get it ready for applications

2.Do a quick summary of the job market. What are some hot segments of the job market should you be focusing on?

3.Tapping into Your Network ia vital to finding a new job. About 80% of jobs offered aren’t advertised so it is up to you to network, promote your brand and find if there are any unadvertized opportunities out there.

4.Research companies you want to work with–the reason why and how you can help them!

5.Connect with professionals who you like to learn more from–you never know: a simple message can turn into a difference maker when it comes to your next job.

Obviously, there are more great ways to build and prep a strategy for your job search. Just remember–keep positive and open to new opportunities!

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Learn How to Build A Better Career From Athletes (Pt.5)

Learning how to build a better career from athletes is something that you consider. There are so many stories, ideas, and new ways of thinking from an athletes’ life that can easily be applied to your one life and career. Be asure to discover new ways of achieving success–in the way an athlete plays the game, what interests him or her and what do they find inspiration in? It’s all about finding items stemming from a particular athlete’s life and career that can be translated into something you can.

Be sure to write down observations and keep focused on what the end-reward is–at the end of the day it’s all about how you can successful develop your career by constant learning.

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Learn How to Build A Better Career From Athletes (Pt.4)

Have you recently watched sports on TV or even live? If you have–what is your thoughts on the particular game you watched? What did you like about and what was your least favourite aspect? Reflect and write down ways you have learned from the game that you just watched in: how to be a better professional? How to be more competitive? What are major motivators in your life?

Watch a game can also give you prospective on strategy, teamwork and goals. It doesn’t matter what game or sport you pick to watch–have fun and keep your mind open to change in your own life and career.

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